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I’m just an ordinary college girl who loves writing and sharing knowledge to help others. Harun Yahya books highly inspired me to write a half-scientific blog dedicated to Islamic and daily health knowledge. But simply, sharing knowledge to many people gives me a satisfaction and fulfillment.

I did an in-depth literature searching to write this blog – that’s my kind of ethic code – but I realized although I’ve tried my best, I cannot please anyone. Not everyone will be happy with this blog, and I sincerely accept it. Please kindly accept this imperfection.

I receive comments everyday, kind and harsh words. Please acknowledge that I never meant to ignite a fire of hate if you hate one or several of my postings. This blog is written for peace, for knowledge.

I’m sorry I write in English, but I truly lost words if I have to write this passage in Indonesian language ;)….my heart is full and I simply, lost Indonesian words to describe it. (No show-off, but sometimes I do think in English. ;))

Do you love or hate this blog? feel free to drop your comments and suggestions here. Your words are highly welcomed.ย  Cheerios! :)